We have been doing Adam’s “couples” work-out for the last 3 months.  Due to our work schedules, kids activities, and home life, we have very little time for each other – much less hitting the gym together! Adam arranged his schedule to suit ours, coming to our house late on weeknights or early afternoon on weekends while our 2 year old naps. Without this arrangement, we would have never experienced Adam’s creative workouts (pushing his truck up a hill, animal movement races), his careful focus on proper technique, and the fun that he creates in “FDR.” We also love that our older kids see us exercising and want to participate -- Adam even created a “kid’s workout” for them! The personalized instruction we get with Adam has meant more quality time together as a couple and greater fitness for our family as a whole. We feel blessed to call Adam our personal trainer!

-Benjy and Muna C.



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