Adam is a great guy and a terrific trainer.  A few months ago I was preparing to go to my Army Officer training so I signed up for a local boot camp style workout through a special deal.  During the first week I injured my hamstring and the arch of my foot.  I was worried I wouldn't be able to go to Officer training.  I talked with Adam about it and he explained to me what he thought I needed to do.  I started going to his fitness classes and noticed a big difference between this class and the other company where I got hurt.  Adam took time to get to know me, do an assessment, and individualize my workout.  He emphasized proper form and lots of stretching.  I soon started individual training with Adam and I came to realize that he knew a great deal about how the body works and how to get me in shape.  He tailored my workout in such a way that I was able to heal my injuries and make improvements.  Within a very short period of time I was feeling much better and able to push my workouts to new levels.  I went off to Army Officer training and passed my physical fitness test with the best score of my life.  I owe a great deal to Adam and recommend him highly.

-Merle M.



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